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Titulo: A Dance to the Music of Time
Autor: Anthony Powell
Origem: Inglaterra
Ano da edição original: 1951-1975
Editora: Heinemann
Páginas: n/a
Língua original: Inglês
ISBN: n/a

Sinopse: A Dance to the Music of Time is a twelve-volume cycle of novels by Anthony Powell, inspired by the painting of the same name by Nicolas Poussin. One of the longest works of fiction in literature, it was published between 1951 and 1975 to critical acclaim. The story is an often comic examination of movements and manners, power and passivity in English political, cultural and military life in the mid 20th century.

O autor e a obra: Anthony Powell  foi um escritor inglês falecido em 2000 aos 94 anos. A Dance to the Music of Time é como indicado na sinopse um conjunto de 12 romances:

A Question of Upbringing – (1951)
A Buyer's Market – (1952)
The Acceptance World – (1955)
At Lady Molly's – (1957)
Casanova's Chinese Restaurant – (1960)
The Kindly Ones – (1962)
The Valley of Bones – (1964)
The Soldier's Art – (1966)
The Military Philosophers – (1968)
Books Do Furnish a Room – (1971)
Temporary Kings – (1973)
Hearing Secret Harmonies – (1975)

Nunca foi alvo de tradução em Portugal.

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